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Inspired by the many facets of love

Coming together in infinite combinations
to tell your own love story


The many loves of your life come alive in sparkling joy and
wonder as you create your own unique ring collection.

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The variety of rings offers an unprecedented range of design and gives you the chance to mix-and-match colors as well as shapes. Change the combinations to match your outfit or your mood; every gem brings a new essence to your ring. Each ring is available with diamonds and our unique flat table-cut colored sapphires, tourmalines, beryls and topaz set in yellow, white or rose gold, or platinum. This is the ultimate in personalized luxury, style and creative expression. Have fun with your LX Collection ring system – stack, embrace and entwine your rings to express your own style.

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  • lx I


    The bliss of your first embrace is captured in this design, the band you choose enveloped by our signature dual-shank solitare ring creates one stunning look. Two rings come together as one symbolizing the start of an epic romance.

  • lx II


    Your solitaire ring becomes even more captivating when flanked by our interlocking guard rings. These marquise guards are unique period. They can be worn up or down, with other bands or alone to create a truly personal diamond statement.

  • lx III


    The twists and turns in every relationship deepen the love and character of a life shared in harmony. Laurence imagined this interlocking ring set as a way to honor this journey, the one that brought you together and celebrates your unity.

  • lx IV


    Similar to our enthrall collection the enguard collection has a variety of guard rings which combine to create stunning looks which come under the center stone ring.

  • lx V


    Few loves in your life are as brilliant and enduring as our exquisite diamonds - but they all should be honored. Laurence created these swirling rings to symbolize two hearts moving in unison towards the future even as they honor their past.

  • lx VI


    As your love and your family grows add more bands to each of Laurence’s lyrical designs to turn every jewel into a personal story of joy, celebration and devotion. Create your own one-of-a-kind beauty by adding diamonds, different colored metals and colored gemstones.


Laurence Bruyninckx has created a unique interchangeable diamond ring concept, where every woman can tell her life’s story in a unique and sparkling way. The collection offers the ability of the wearer to create one-of-a-kind combinations. In this manner, Laurence Bruyninckx is reshaping the art of wearing jewelry.

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  • lx I
  • lx II
  • lx III
  • lx IV
  • lx V
  • lx VI

LX Ring Designer

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Laurence Bruyninckx is an Antwerp-based designer who graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Her lifelong passion for travel, art and design gives her the inspiration to express herself in precious metals and stones.

“My goal for The LX Collection is to enable women to express their life’s milestones – engagement, marriage, childbirth, birthdays and other significant achievements – in a personalized manner. With countless combination possibilities, each ring becomes a unique piece, all while serving as a symbol of love and connectivity,” ~ Ms. Bruyninckx